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Inbound marketing is the science of attracting prospects, converting them, closing deals and delighting customers so they become promoters of your brand. As a HubSpot agency partner we take pride in helping our clients grow their business and maintain a competitive advantage by replacing a traditional sales pipeline with a flywheel to release momentum through a great product and customer experience.

That’s all fine and well but what is a flywheel and how do HubSpot partner agencies attract their own customers so they too can benefit from a customer centric inbound methodology. Enter HubSpot’s “Lion King” and Sales Director – Dan Tyre… now “tell me more”.

Sales pipeline generation bootcamp

Dan runs an 8-week pipeline generation bootcamp for select HubSpot agency partners – Lions as we’re fondly referred to. While our furry counterparts may be the only cats that live in groups, HubSpot Lions are a handpicked group of agencies on a mission to perfect their outreach by following scientifically proven sales pipeline techniques, actively listening and helping customers realise their growth potential with inbound marketing methodologies.

The Lions who make the calls get the business

Identifying who you want to work with is key. Agencies have different areas of expertise and cultural fit is as important as function, which is why researching who you’re reaching out to, developing their buyer persona and your positioning statement is key. Armed with those tools and Dan’s enthusiasm it’s time to stand up, take a deep breath and pick up the phone. After all CEO’s, CFO’s, Directors and more are only human and a warm receptive call that focuses on their needs and how you can help is one of many techniques to get a conversation going.

Leverage video for your sales team

Consider the number of emails decision makers receive daily. How many are likely to be deleted let alone read. Video email is the perfect icebreaker, it demonstrates you’ve gone the extra mile to do your homework, puts a face to the name and saves the recipient time scanning through another impersonal email.

There are a number of platforms offering this service such as, Vimeo and Vidyard. You could take our word for it or have a look below and see for yourself.

Bootcamp learnings

We are a growth driven design agency

We improve your lead generation, customer acquisition, client engagement and competitive advantage using inbound best practices.

Cold calling is dead

Banish the boring sales pitch that’s all about you and your targets. Do research instead, find the common ground with your prospect, then stand up, put a smile on your dial and remember to thank the person for picking up the phone.

Actively listen

Inbound marketing focuses on helping, not selling. Selling is important but people don’t want to be sold to and helping is easier than selling. Not everyone will need your help now and that’s OK. As long as a good-fit prospect knows you’re accessible when the need arises, it’s time well spent. And follow up because opportunities are built on relationships and timing.


Smarketing = Sales + Marketing and is a core tenet of inbound marketing. It aligns both teams around common business goals which should be agreed together and re-evaluated monthly to identify opportunities for improvement in both teams.

The Lions bootcamp has helped our agency sales process and pipeline generation and we’re beginning to see the results. Thank you, Dan, for your infectious laugh, boundless energy and supporting us and our fellow Lions from around the globe. We’re looking forward to our next bootcamp and your infamous ‘breakfast sandwich’.

Need help with Sales and Marketing alignment?

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